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Documents (contracts, letters, submissions to the court or public authorities) can also be signed electronically, and such a signature is equalled with a classic handwritten signature.

Documents can be signed with a qualified electronic signature that meets all the requirements of the EU Regulation abbreviated as eIDAS Regulation. Qualified electronic signature represents the highest level of security according to this regulation, which ensures user authentication, data integrity and the so-called non-repudiation. In addition, a timestamp is used, which proves when a qualified electronic signature has been affixed.

With this type of signature, the signatory has a chip card with and an accompanying card reader which is plugged into his computer. The signature can be placed on an electronic document, confirmed by entering a password. There are several providers of certification and advanced electronic signature services on the Croatian market.

Introducing a qualified electronic signature is recommended if you wish to digitize your business as widely as possible. It is possible that you will occasionally have issues with those who have not met with digital signature yet, but it is certain that digital signature will be in use ever more.

In addition, a qualified electronic signature is also used for the purposes of e-communication with courts. You can read more on this topic in our next post.

Dino Simonoski Bukovski, Ivan Božo Zec