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The autumn of 2020 brought us changes in communication of companies and other business entities with the courts. Until the beginning of September, all legal entities were required to request access to the e-communication system of the Ministry of Justice, and most of them met the requirement, at least with some delay.

The e-communication system digitizes and accelerates the communication of legal entities with courts in court proceedings. This system allows filing written submissions to the court, receipt of court mail and online access to case files. In the long term, if you are not logged in to the e-communication system, the courts will not be able to deliver their mail to you. In that case, you may miss the deadlines for taking certain actions, which may have adverse consequences in the ongoing court proceedings.

Such a system could also be used for other state authorities in communication with legal and business entities. A digital platform that would be a one stop shop for communication with all state authorities would certainly be a measure that would improve the competitiveness of Croatian economy.

The registration process for the e-communication system is very simple:

  1. select an email address of the company to be used for delivery of court mail communication through e-communication system,
  2. send an online request to the Ministry of Justice for inclusion in the e-communication system, and
  3. meet technical prerequisites – have an electronic security certificate of security level 3 or higher, a signature certificate and entry into the internal register of the Ministry of Justice.

More information and assistance can be found via website of the Ministry of Justice.

Dino Simonoski Bukovski, Ivan Božo Zec