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LegalHack – a student competition and the first legal hackathon in this part of Europe, organized by the student association Meritokrat, was held from 4 to 6 March 2021. Meritokrat acts with the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, and has organized projects such as Financial and Legal Literacy, Law Meet-up, Let’s Change Knowledge project and other.

LegalHack hackathon is a combination of law and technology in the form of a dynamic three-day competition in which participants aim to legally regulate use of new technology and come up with the solution to the problems it brings. The innovative concept interested students of the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, Split and Osijek, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb and many others, and in teams of up to 5 members, students tried to design an innovative regulatory solution which would enable application of artificial intelligence in healthcare and relieve and improve the healthcare system.

KPS on LegalHack – left, Ignacija Puškar – mentoring, right, Martina Prpić – panelist

Law Firm Kovačević Prpić Simeunović was happy to participate in LegalHack through panel discussion, jury and mentoring. Partner Martina Prpić pointed out the challenges of digitalization and new technologies through panel discussion, and she also participated as a member of the jury in evaluation of written solutions and oral presentation of teams, while attorney trainee Ignacija Puškar through mentoring helped students reach a better legislative proposal.

The winner of the first LegalHack was the team Cardiac Arrest, which, in the proposed solution, pointed out to problems that today’s health care faces, such as administrative problems, lack of funds and professional staff, and suggested modes in which artificial intelligence can alleviate such problems, while they also referred and tried to provide solutions to the challenges that artificial intelligence poses, such as levels of autonomy, unpredictability, liability for damage, and data protection. We congratulate the winners and hope that their ideas will help the legislator in the future, once the regulation of artificial intelligence in health care enters the legislative procedure.

Finally, we congratulate Meritokrat on the idea and excellent organization and look forward to their future projects.

Ignacija Puškar